About Former Congressman Michael Grimm

Here is a short bio of Michael Grimm, former Congressman from the state of New York.

Early Life

Michael Grimm was born February 7th, 1970, and was raised in Queens New York. He thrived as a student and joined the U.S. Marine Corps out of high school in 1989. He received multiple awards and accommodations during the first Persian Gulf War and served with distinction.

Early Career

After the war he moved into the Reserves so he could take college courses while also joining the FBI, starting out as a clerk. During this time he took college classes receiving a degree in accounting and was still active in the Marine Reserves. In 1997 he resigned from military duty and received his discharge from the Reserves. He then studied and went on to earn his law degree from New York Law School in 2002.

The career with the FBI looked exceptional based on all publicly available information. He graduated as a special agent with the FBI. Even more impressive, he earned undercover agent certification, something very few FBI agents manage to qualify for.

A nine year career included undercover work that included high profile cases like Peter Gotti for money laundering & white collar crime on Wall Street.

He retired in 2006 citing exhaustion from work hours, dabbling in multiple businesses before running for Congress.

Into the Halls of Congress

Michael Grimm announced he was running for Congress in 2010, aiming for New York’s 13th District seat. This was a very competitive race from the beginning. In party, Grimm took major endorsements from national Republican figures and received major money from the Tea Party, ironic since he made clear he didn’t like the polarization of politics and thought everyone should be American first while devastatingly effective campaigning allowed him to squeak out a narrow victory. He was the only Republican Representative to represent a major part of New York City.

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